Nabio “NN$” Lumukanda, CEO and Founder of Champion Vision Entertainment always knew at a young age that he was going to do amazing things with his life. Hailing from West Oakland California, Nabio’s humble beginnings served as a source of inspiration upon being introduced to Hip Hop at age 5.

Having several older brothers who had an extensive hip hop collection, Nabio recalls his first encounter with Hip Hop gazing at a Beastie Boys Record. From there his obsession with Hip Hop was born! Nabio’s mother is the real catalyst to this story as she signed him up for an after school music program at age 10 where he learned how to play the trumpet and read music.

“My mother was instrumental in the reason why I do music to this day. She got us involved with every extra curricular after school program there was. Growing up in a crack-infested neighborhood she made sure we would not be affected by our surroundings.” explains Nabio.

Fast forward to his San Diego State days Nabio linked up with college friends to form the rap group RCK after graduating with a degree in Economics. The group garnered local success and was nominated for Best Album at the 2008 San Diego Music Awards.

After the group disbanded, Nabio became NN$ and linked up with fellow group member and best friend Telegraph. The duo released an album called Swanky that spawned two popular singles in San Diego. After the release of Swanky, NN$ decided to release his highly anticipated album Champion. The album was a huge success which led him to being selected to go on a 10 City Tour with Hype Magazine in 2014, performing at SXSW, and was granted his own Pandora Station.

After taking a brief break from the industry, NN$ decided it was time to apply all of the knowledge that he accumulated from being a self-managed artist. NN$ has directed all of his videos, booked his own shows, wrote for other artist as well as himself, and has self released his music on all streaming platforms.

From his experience and unwavering belief in himself, NN$ decided to launch Champion Vision Entertainment in which he plans to house is own catalog of music, release new music and develop raw talent so they can see the Champion in themselves. Champion Vision Entertainment is more than a label but rather a lifestyle brand in which every artist on the label will discover their artistic power which will be manifested in their music!

This is Champion Vision Entertainment!!